PowerPoint Remote Control

PowerPoint Remote Control

Using your mobile phone, you'll be able to take the control of PowerPoint presentations, view the title of the next and previous slide, your slide notes, move you computer's mouse and more !

Download it on the Windows Phone MarketPlace !

What can it do for me ?

Using this software, you can control PowerPoint and :

  • Start and stop your presentation
  • Navigate through the slides of your presentation
  • Show the black screen when needed
  • Show your slides notes
  • View the title of the previous slide and the next slide
  • Control the mouse pointer and buttons with the phone's screen (using touch screen phones)
  • Manage the time of your presentation using the on-screen timer

What does it look like ?

On a Touch enabled phone On a Smartphone with a keyboard

How does it work ?

Controlling PowerPoint from your Windows Phone requires the installation of a software on your PC and an other on your Windows Phone.

Once installed, you can use either Bluetooth or Wifi hardware which ever your Mobile Phone and PC supports. Using bluetooth is recommended as it is more energy efficient, but is less ubiquitous on PCs than Wifi.

View the list of supported Bluetooth hardware.